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File Hosting

Easy to Use

Conveniently access your document any time, anywhere. Easy to upload, Easy to search, Easy to share. Simply log in to your account through any device to store, share your files. All you need is access to the Internet. Simplicity and Ease of use has always been the guiding principal for our solution.

File Tagging

Store, Search and retrieve documents more effectively using file tagging feature. File tagging features allows files be stored and retrieval using our convenient search tool to find your exact file without browsing through each directory or folder.

Activity Logs

The system maintain logs of all the important event like user login, upload, edit,email and delete.


Our solutions are designed to provide effective storage with multiple levels of security. Your data is safe when you transfer files to and from the our secured cloud device. Our technology provides secure communication over the Internet for data transfers.

Global Access

Conveniently access your files at any time, from wherever you are.


Our systems comes with complete office documentation, admin could easily allocate rights empower users to upload /download/edit/email or simply view documents. All users to upload data on the central location, Share documents with different department, Set permissions granting access rights for each users.

Huge Storage

Storing files on our system is like storing the files on a large external hard drive. Our state of art technology allows our upload, download file size. Now you can store, share even larger files.

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